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It was a good idea at the time,

You decide to have a party at home because you

are proud of your home and you would like to host

a party for whatever celebration you decide (or more often than

not it is someone else who wants you to have a house



ONE PROBLEM - What about the mess....


Its great to have a party and watch your friends and family

celebrate usually with a drink or 2, but when everyone has

left your house, you turn all your lights on full and look

around at the mess that is left, the cleaning that has to be

done and all the washing up you need to do before you can do anything else... All of this of course before you go to bed and get up the next morning and, more often than not, have a slight headache and due to the mess that is left wish you never had a party. We can bet you wish sometimes the people or family who wanted you to have a home party will not be around to help you the following morning to clean it all up.


This is where JD Cleaning can help.. We can attend your home the next day to clear up the mess and provide services such as;


- Removal of all rubbish

- Clean all pots, dishes, cutlery, glasses and return to their 'place of rest'

- Clean all bathrooms used for the duration of the party.

- Full dust down & clean of all surfaces.

- Full Vaccum services to floor surfaces and deep mop if required.

- Re-position all furniture moved to create the party environment.

- Clean any new marks which have appeared to the wall surfaces.

- Carpet clean if required.

- Any other services required.....


All of this whilst you sit down, watch us hard at work and recover with some cups of tea and if you feel up to it 'a slice of toast'...


Contact JD Cleaning Services for any After Party or indeed Pre-Party cleaning services you may require..