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Carpets are expensive items to replace and

therefore need to be maintained by regular

professional cleaning to keep them looking

like new. There are different methods to clean

carpets but we are a quality company who

cares about its customers and will always

go that little further to produce outstanding results.


At JD Cleaning Services we use Professional methods, the process involves an initial inspection, normally carried out at the quotation stage, this is to check the carpet cleaning requirements specific to your property. We will agree on a price and a date for the cleaning work to be carried out.


The first stage of the carpet cleaning process involves removing as much as the dry soil as possible by using professional vacuum cleaners. A solution is then sprayed onto the carpet and allowed to work. The next process is to rinse out the chemical along with the suspended dirt and soil in the carpet this is what is called Hot Water Extraction using the latest powerful portable machine. Spots and stains will then be treated and rinsed out.


Drying times vary due to the carpet pile type, density, what type of cleaning process was used, how soiled the carpet were and of course the weather. Under normal conditions they dry within a few hours, but the more soiled and thicker pile carpets will take longer approximately four to five hours.


When the carpet is damp it will of course attract any dirt from your shoes therefore it is recommended to keep off or minimal use of the area until completely dry.





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