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JD Cleaning Services standard domestic

cleaning specifications include the following:


Punctuality and reliability

Friendly and helpful customer service.

You can fully trust us with your alarm codes and keys

You do not have to sign a long term contract


Below is our standard task list that the cleaners complete on a weekly basis when suffucient time is provided. You can prepare your own list of requirements for each cleaning visit.



Clean and polish furniture, dust all tops and surfaces, clean and dust the picture frames, lamp shapes, skirting boards, the light switches, move any furniture (if possible), vacuum underneath and behind, will make the bed and change the bed linen if required.


Living Room and entrance areas

Dust the tops, remove the finger marks from tables and tops, dust window sills and ledges, wipe doors and dust mini blinds, lamps, furniture, vacuum carpets and wash the floors, vacuum furniture including under seats cushions, empty and clean ashtrays and bins.



Clean appliances, counters, cabinets, tables, and chairs, worktops, clean microwave and oven inside and outside, clean the tops, clean and wash the sink, remove limescale and polish, window sills, hovering and mop the floors.



Wash and polish of toilet seats, wash and disinfect the shower cabin, wash the tiles, polish the mirrors and glasses, clean and wash the sinks inside and outside, polish the chrome, remove limescale, clean the counter tops, clean and wash the floors, wipe the doors and the handle, wipe the light switches, empty the bins.



Sweep and mop the floor, removing any stains if possible. Hoover carpets and rugs.