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You know when you need to do it...

You always put it off 'till the next day'..

You think "It's not too bad"...


Does this sound like you every time when a Spring

Clean is required to your property...



Why don't you think about JD Cleaning Services carrying out the 'Spring Clean' service for you, for the hassle free approach contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


We are able to offer all Spring clean services including items such as:


Full spring clean – Your full home can be thoroughly cleaned including all rooms such as lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms etc. Full cleans will include dusting to all areas including skirtings, shelvings, door frames etc..


Bathroom cleaning – All bathroom contents will be cleansed deeply including toilets, showers, shower screens, baths, sinks, toilets,


Kitchen Cleaning - We will fully cleanse your oven including internals, shelves, side rails, front surfaces etc. We will clean microwave ovens, washing machine surfaces, fridge emptied and internally cleaned, cleaning of kitchen surfaces, splash backs / tiles. All kitchen units will be emptied and all internal units will be cleaned together with the unit fronts. Any tables will be wiped & cleaned including chair legs and bases. All flooring will be mopped thoroughly as required.


Any of the above services can of course be carried out at any time, not just 'early Spring'